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Many of our sales professionals use Video Email as another touch point to build awareness and rapport apart from a phone call and a standard email. We use Video Email templates exclusively in our communication.

- Zach Caravetta, Director, Business Development, Norwegian Cruise Lines

I have a lot of experience with different high-end webinar platforms. I spent $35,000 in the past two years with Adobe Connect, but was blown away by the Live Meetings platform at a fraction of the price. I am taking the loss with Adobe as a learning experience and have switched to Talk Fusion for all my video conferencing needs.

- Michelangelo Lopez, Internet Marketer - Florida, USA

Talk Fusion gives the small shop a much bigger persona in the social media arena.

- Melissa R. Fahy, CEO, Good Samaritan Health Clinic of Pasco, Inc. - Florida, USA

Video Email is the future of online branding and marketing. It allows me to be instant in my response, versatile with what I can do, and it allows high impact presentation that can touch more senses. That’s my edge over my competition.

- Anthony Williams, Internet Manager, Freeway Ford

Talk Fusion changed our e-newsletter to a high quality format with crisp, fresh images. Every day we’re looking for new ways to use Talk Fusion, including using video to train volunteers and help new pet owners with behavior issues ... [Talk Fusion gives us] the ability to market a feeling to our supporters, leaving them with a greater sense of what our organization is doing for the community’s pets.

- Adam Lamb, CEO, Brandywine Valley SPCA – Pennsylvania, USA

Video Email differentiates us from the rest. The great custom template we got adds a finishing touch—we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback. Talk Fusion’s all-in-one Video Marketing Solution has really taken us to the next level.

- Michael Desepoli, Desepoli Wealth Management - New York, USA

I just love the idea of sending Video Emails. I have customers from all over the country, and they are stunned when they see them–especially my Custom Templates!

- Burt Ward, Founder, Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions – Florida, USA

Video Newsletters allow me to send out a ton of information to my client list about new product ideas and upcoming events, all in one message. Video Newsletters is my favorite Talk Fusion Video Marketing Solution Product.

- Stephanie Matthews, Beyond 40 and Fabulous - Michigan, USA

MediSmart sent a Video Newsletter to 833 pharmacies about our new service. 456 of 833 have seen our website and 283 have ordered our new service. We assumed 10% would order, but actually 34% ordered the new service! This was a fantastic result!

- Zsolt Jenei, MediSmart Ltd - Budapest, Hungary

We regularly host Live Meetings for thousands of people; the quality is always crystal-clear and it’s the most reliable platform we’ve ever used. We’re so thankful we found Talk Fusion!

- Mario Halim and Ryani Irawan - Surabaya, Indonesia

Before we had not been able to connect by video with my son living in the Virgin Islands because he has an Android and I’m an Apple user. But Video Chat worked great! It was crystal-clear, even though he had limited bars. I’m so excited to see his face!

- Patti Sutherland - Florida, USA

We installed a Sign-up Forms on our website and sent out a series of Video Emails to every subscriber. Almost 25% of our 1,300 customers came through the newsletter. We don't use any other forms of advertising; Talk Fusion’s Video Marketing Solution earned us a good reputation.

- Guide Bar Café - Kazan, Russia

Video Newsletters have given us an edge to differentiate ourselves and more effectively connect with our existing retail partners and attract new ones. In just 2 years, in the midst of a very challenging retail climate, our business volume as a company has risen by over 66%!

- Jeff Drake, Multi-Sac Handbags - California, USA

Shortly after we installed Talk Fusion Sign-up Forms, our customer database doubled in size. Our clients love it! We are especially happy because it did not require any additional investments or personnel. Talk Fusion has helped us become one of the leading clinics in this region of Russia!

- Laser Cosmetology Clinic - Perm, Russia

I'm breathless. Today I did a Live Meetings video conference... fantastic quality, not one interruption like we always experienced with Skype. The clarity and quality are unbelievable, even with slow Internet here in the Czech Republic. What a wonderful product!

- Peer Sens-Grosholz, CEO, 4Winners Limited - Gibraltar

All of my friends use Video Chat every day; they love it just as much as I love being able to bring the latest technology to Indonesia and other countries. Talk Fusion is always pushing the limit, always innovating, and always finds new ways to eliminate communication barriers.

- Marcell Halim - Surabaya, Indonesia

“[We] spent the better part of the year promoting our annual black and white fundraising gala... The response from the Video Email invitations quadrupled the attendance responses from previous years using regular mail. [Our] Video Newsletter campaign asked for charity donations to help promote for the gala. The response was more than DOUBLE the previous year’s!

- Sonshine Haven Organization — California, USA

No other company can offer all the video marketing tools on one platform with such high quality! Our personal statistics show that within 3-4 months of using Video Email and Newsletters along with Auto Responders and Sign-up Forms, people increased their sales by 30-40%! The tools allow not only increased sales volume, but also help to build strong relationships.

- Olga Poroshina — Arkhangelsk, Russia

“[With Video Email] I’m able to express my thoughts, share my emotions and connect with my audience in a way that allowed them to really get to know, like, and trust me. They could see me, hear me, I was a real person to them. Video Email has given me ... a way to better connect with people. I don't need that other service anymore!”

- David Jones — Rendezvous, Barbados

When I use Live Meetings, I connect with people from all around the world. We have a meeting, and it goes through crystal clear!

- Peter Borggaard — Chens Sur Leman, France

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